Former Student Releases Debut Album

In 2009, The Falcon Times, the former student newspaper at Miami Dade College, featured Travis Roig, a local aspiring musician embarking on the journey to musical self-autonomy.

Roig, then 29 and a Psychology major at North Campus, had been working in the studio on content for his first record.

However, lacking creative satisfaction, Roig kept the material he liked, tossed out the unusable, and devoted himself to creating a well-balanced and musically substantial record.

After an arduous three years of writing, producing and collaborating with an array of local artists, his first official album titled Sincerely Manufactured was released Dec. 29 on iTunes and Amazon.

This 16 track album fuses an eclectic arrangement of sounds in a genre Roig dubs “Junkyard”.

“What’s in a junkyard?” the singer-songwriter asked when commenting on his genre. “There’s some stuff that is treasure and there’s some s*** and I guarantee both in a song of mine.”

The album is less than 50 minutes long, as brevity is an important factor for the musician when composing and recording.

“I try and keep [songs] as short as possible…I try to go in and out so that I don’t overstay my welcome, you know? I look at the early Beatles records and they’re out before the 2-minute mark. So you just get in, get out and get going,” said Roig about the length of the record.

His eccentric and mellow personality is reflected in his music and musical tastes, citing bands like Radiohead, Dashboard Confessional and The Dave Matthews Band among his favorites.

Vocally, however, he credits musicians like Justin Timberlake, New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men as musical influences in his approach and style of singing.

Evocative lyrics, cohesive guitar and drum solos, as well as catchy choruses, make Sincerely Manufactured a well-rounded, fun and feel-good record that can be played time and time again. Roig’s simplistic and eclectic approach to life and music shines throughout the album, guaranteeing a connection with his audience. The mixture of rock, pop and even jazz makes this album a unique repertoire that audiences with differing musical tastes can all appreciate.

Track Breakdown:

Track 1 – Excuse Me Miss 3:15
A light tune and great starter to any day. Its smooth vocals are sure to create a good vibe for the rest of the day.

Track 2 – I Had Had It 3:53
This attitude-filled song is a rockin’ tune relying mostly on fresh electric guitar background as well as a sharp drum solo.

Track 3 – Lead to Believe 4:29
Heavy with a hint of spirituality, this tune features strong and poignant vocals accompanied by piercing drum solos.

Track 4 – Anything Goes 3:04
This witty tune is great for jamming with your friends while cruising, windows down, on the open road.

Track 5 – A Simple Life 2:38
This cool and sultry track reflects the artists’ pop influences like Justin Timberlake in a fresh new way (sans the Timbaland collaboration).

Track 6 – Overdose 2:46
Catchy and care-free, this tune employs Roig’s deeper voice register and verses with a semi talkative, sing-song, Johnny Cash kind of way.

Track 7 – Palm Trees in December 2:52
This soft ballad is a sensual tune that features bits of sax and a great melodic structure. Great for curling up with a partner.

Track 8 – Washout 2:25
This semi psychedelic track is reminiscent of later Beatle’s work, employing a drastic change in rhythm and time to drive its overall message home.

Track 9 – Make Believe 2:33
The positive message of this tune will win you over.

Track 10 – Freedomland 3:51
This track features beautiful vocals in a personal portrayal of patriotism.

Track 11- I’ll Still Be Here 2:06
The shortest of the bunch, this intimate declaration of loyalty features a delicate and supple melody.

Track 12 – Here With Me 2:52
This upbeat pop tune is sure to be a hit. With a catchy melody and lyrics to match, it’s sure to keep your head bumpin’.

Track 13 – Right This Wrong 3:36
Reminiscent of Coldplay’s heavy use of piano solos, this refreshing beat will have you humming it incessantly.

Track 14 – Still Won’t Leave 2:19
A cool guitar intro makes this an overall feel-good song.

Track 15 – Tag Along 2:56
This jazzy tune makes use of acoustic drums and sultry verses along with a quintessential piano background.

Track 16 – Always and So On 3:15
A soft and romantic ballad that will have you reflecting on life and love. Roig’s voice is sweet and delicate, much like the song’s lyrics..