Former Reporter Briefing Editor Lands Internship at WPLG Channel 10

Photo of Gabby Arzola.

Gabrielle Arzola, who served as the briefing editor for The Reporter, has earned an internship at WPLG Channel 10.

Arzola, 20, started the five month internship on Jan. 5. She will be working with Christina Vazquez for her “Call Christina” segment.

“The segment is focused on consumer protection, primarily goods and services,” Arzola said. “I get to do some of the investigative journalism in cases, speak to the consumers, and work with reporters going out on the field with them.”

Born and raised in Miami, Arzola was homeschooled from third grade through her senior year of high school in 2013, while taking dual enrollment credits at Miami Dade College and Florida International University. She also had the opportunity to travel with the G. Holmes Braddock High School speech and debate team.

Arzola currently attends FIU, where she serves as a staff writer for the college newspaper, The Beacon, writing a food column called Beacon Bits. She is a senior studying broadcast media and is scheduled to graduate this coming fall semester with a bachelor’s degree.

After completing her internship at Channel 10, Arzola will intern with FOX 5 in Cape Coral this summer. She aspires to be an anchor for the Today Show or Good Morning America one day.

“I hope to be a better investigative journalist, and work on my broadcast reel,” Arzola said. “Miami is a top market for news so I just want to learn everything I can from the best.”

Nareemah Griffiths

Nareemah Griffiths, 19, is a mass communications/journalism major at North Campus. Griffiths, who graduated from the Miami Lakes Educational Center in 2014, will serve as a&e editor for The Reporter during the 2015-2016 year. She aspires to become a broadcast journalist and radio personality.