Film Frenzy Comes To Town

Outside the Gusman Center.
CELEBRATION: The Gusman Center will be hosting many of the MIFF’s major events. Including the opening night celebration, career achievement tribute, and awards night wrap party.

Presented and produced by Miami Dade College, the 28th annual Miami International Film Festival will run from March 4 to 13.

“These 10 days of world cinema will truly inspire students,” said MIFF Executive Director Jaie Laplante. “There is an intangible magic when you have the chance to meet someone who works in what you work for.”

Movies from Israel, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Cuba, Spain, Israel, Argentina, China, and more will be featured. Included in the festivities will be movie screenings, documentaries and seminars.

“This event has a way of reaching people,” said Juan Mendieta the College’s director of communications. “The workshops help aspire new film writers such as our very own students.”

Andrea Olabarria, 29, is one of them. “[The festival] was a place to see many different things from different point of views,” Olabarria said. “It enhanced my love for editing, planning and shooting.”

Olabarria graduated from MDC in 2003. Her first feature film, Rough Winds, premiered at San Sebastian in 2009.

She was a panelist last year at the MIFF for the REEL Seminar “Making Your First Film” series.

“It will charge anyone up,” Laplante said. “Film in general can have a counter effect on their own art.”