Feminine Product Dispensers Installed In Ladies’ Restrooms

The women’s restrooms at Kendall Campus are now equipped with feminine product dispensers. The machines, which have tampons and sanitary napkins, were installed on all first-floor restrooms last semester. The items cost 50 cents each.

Former Student Government Association Senator Marla Fistel and former vice President Gabriella Rodriguez created a petition to get the products placed in the women’s restrooms. With more than 100 signatures, the project was approved.

“I think it’s important to have feminine products in the bathroom just in case of an emergency, so that girls don’t have to leave to go buy them,” Fistel said. “Ultimately, it can protect women from embarrassing moments.”

Fistel first thought of the idea when a friend of hers unexpectedly got her menstrual cycle. She was forced to go home to retrieve feminine products.

Biology major Amanda Valdes said she considers herself fortunate that other women advocated for the machines.

“Usually this is something in your body that can come at anytime and it’s important to have feminine dispensers to provide for students,” Valdes said.

According to Kendall Campus Dean of Administration Gloria Baez, the College’s maintenance department installed the machines and the money collected from them goes toward replenishing the products.

“SGA came to me requesting the installation of these machines and I believe it is important to provide services and amenities to students that need them whenever possible,” Baez said.

Although Fistel and Rodriguez were not able to see the project through during their time at SGA, current Kendall Campus SGA President Luisa Santos and Vice President Camila Silva continued to advocate for the project.

“Accessibility of feminine products for MDC female students is something we should have had available for the student body a long time ago,” Silva said. “It was a need that we identified.”