Dreams Become Reality For Thousands Of Miami Dade College Graduates

Juan Nuñez, president of the Student Government Association at Wolfson Campus during the 2012-13 school year, captured the importance of the graduation ceremony when he said, “today for all of us a dream has come true.”       

More than 13,000 students graduated from Miami Dade College on May 4th. Five different graduation ceremonies were held that day at either the Bank United Center or Theodore R. Gibson Health Center.

Enthusiasm radiated from the graduating students from the beginning to the end of their respective ceremonies. Faculty and students alike were in high spirits, smiling, laughing, and celebrating the milestone that numerous eager students fulfilled.      

Mark Richard, a professor and President of the United Faculty of Miami Dade College, took a moment during his speech at the Wolfson and Hialeah graduation ceremony to appreciate all of the faculty members for their relentless dedication to their students. “We have your back,” he proudly stated.

At the North and West graduation ceremony, one fallen student’s dreams and hard work was remembered with the presentation of a posthumous degree to the family of Andrea Castillo, who passed away as a result of a car accident last fall.

“This is one stepping stone of many,” remarked North student McCartney Heriveax, who had achieved his associates degree in business administration. “[It is a] reminder that I need to continue.”       

Also of note, North Campus graduate, Rafael Burdier, took center stage when he made a marriage proposal to his girlfriend, Keyla Cortes, who was also walking during the ceremony. Silence quickly enveloped the room as the crowd awaited in suspense for her decision. The crowd broke into loud cheers when she accepted.       

At the end of the North and West graduation ceremony, the lights were turned down and a live drumming performance was held with loud music and fog machines. Students followed along by waving blue glow sticks in the air.       

Anthony Correa, who served as the 2012-13 North Campus Student  Government President,  said during his graduation speech that this is the “time to ensure that our school is a dream factory.”

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