Don’t Stick To The Status Quo

In the world, there has always existed the concept of “one leads, and the rest follow.” Whenever we see someone doing something that is considered trendy, we often think that maybe we should try that too.

There is nothing wrong with gaining inspiration or ideas from other people, but at the same time there’s a certain line that is crossed. In these situations where we look at others for inspiration, we must remember to stay true to who we are and not lose our originality. This is where the pressures of society come in. The media has this habit of putting out certain ads that reflect a particular message, such as women with perfect bodies are seen as happier or families with both a mom and dad are more normal. In reality, these are situations that aren’t realistic for every person and make them second guess their own life. 

Perfection is a facade of a life that everyone dreams of living, but does not truly exist. Society puts off this message that with perfection comes happiness. We must look a certain way, act a certain way, even know certain things to be considered normal. 

The reality is that these ideas of how to best live your life are all relative and vary depending on the individual. It may be crazy to think this but the majority of social rules we follow were created by other people who just believed them to be correct. So why do we follow them?

It seems that whenever we see people that don’t follow the norm they’re usually labeled as weird or out of style. The worst part is that we often follow these norms without even questioning them. We just nod our heads and swipe onto the next story almost as a reflex. However, this ideology is unfair and instead of shaming someone for acting different, we should be celebrating them. It is time we adapt the belief that there is much more beauty in the differences and flaws of every person we see. These differences and quirks make up our individuality and they are not things to be ashamed of.

At the end of the day, we must do what makes us happy and stick to what we believe in despite what the media says. Even though the saying “just be you because everyone else is taken” is extremely overused, it is also very true. Why try to be someone else when the person you are now is beautiful?

Society will often try to subdue your beliefs or make you question your beauty; it is in these moments that we must remind ourselves of our own inner beauty and originality.

Never give up the fight because no matter where you are in life you will ultimately have yourself to rely on. Of course, there is the unconditional love of family and friends, but you will always be the person in charge of ultimately making your personal decisions. Not everyone will like you and not everyone will pick your side, so why waste time trying to encourage them to do so.  As long as you remain honest with yourself, you will meet people that are the same.

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