Destroying The Earth Is Killing Humanity

Imagine an alternative planet exactly like ours, where metaphors are incarnate. The physical depiction of our global actions would be the most horrific scene ever witnessed.

With each mile human beings drive, every tree they kill, every time they ignorantly waste electricity, a series of catastrophic events come together to form a knife that slowly penetrates into their bodies. Their everyday, harmful actions cause this knife to plunge deeper and deeper.

Due to the indirect hostility against the idea of negative actions, the deadly weapon becomes an inheritance from generation to generation, causing the process of global extinction to speed up as time goes by.

With this awful picture in mind, what if you found out your car released too much carbon monoxide for plants to consume, therefore decreasing the levels of oxygen in our planet? At the same time, deforestation is as widespread as a forest fire; there are even fewer trees to intake the deadly fumes you are emitting into the air.

From the lumberjacks to the consumers of any wood-based product, we are all responsible for dooming ourselves into extinction. Chopping down trees is one of the best examples of sadism and masochism in our society, meaning that this alternative planet is a metaphorical reality.

Today, 15,000 human beings are born per hour, whereas only 6,315 are dying in the same span of time. The ever increasing rates of childbirth, bringing joy and life to many families around the world, may lead to the next culprits of the damage we have begun to inflict amongst ourselves.

With these statistics inevitably rising, actions become more difficult to reverse. Cars multiply, land is destroyed for the construction of more highways, housing takes over green areas and our ability to live disappears in a subtle flash.

Although the most damaging things we do to our environment are essentially required for our living, they are ironically what is killing us, and eventually leading to our extinction. The solution is not to drastically change our lifestyle, but to first be educated on the repercussions linked to our actions.

Picture the alternative planet once more. Although everyone seems doomed, there is a solution to their masochistic and sadistic tendencies.

One way that they, and you, can make a change is by finding environmentally friendly alternatives in everyday activities.

When energy efficient cars predominantly roam the streets, when communities come together to prevent pollution, when a fondness for our planet is instilled in the minds of children and when words turn into action, mother nature herself will deter the knives from killing the human race.

The key will always be to find balance in life and to not set limitations based on the lives others lead.