Create A Legacy Campaign Relaunches Fundraising Through Engraved Brick Program At North Campus

Organizers of the ‘create a legacy’ campaign at North Campus are reaching out to students and alumni with the hopes of getting more donations for the Miami Dade College foundation to help out students with scholarships.

The campaign has been laying custom engraved bricks at North Campus since March 2008. Milagros Fernandez, secretary to senior director of North Campus administration Fermin Vazquez, has been assigned the task of revitalizing the program

“[People should buy a brick] to leave behind a significant mark of you being a Miami Dade College North campus student,” Vazquez said.

Currently, twenty engraved bricks adorn the Science Complex walkway, but Fernandez hopes more people will jump at the chance to give a fellow student, professor or alumni a lasting tribute while giving future students a better chance at a better education.

“Everybody wants something that lasts forever,” Fernandez said.

The Miami Dade College Foundation has a number of fundraising campaigns targeting students, alumni, faculty and staff. These funds provide scholarships and resources to the College.

Fernandez says he thinks poor marketing explains why the brick program failed to pick up traction at North Campus. But she plans to present new strategies and several points of revitalizations to the campaign to get the most exposure. She will propose to expand the publicity to more periodic presentations like booths at all major on-campus events and at Student Government Association meetings every semester as well as a PSA on campus televisions.

A 4×8 inch brick without a logo costs $75 for current students and employees and $125 for others. A brick of the same size with a logo costs $100 for current students and employees and $150 for others. An 8×8 inch brick with a logo costs $250 for all. The College offers a selection of logos to be engraved on the bricks ranging from an MDC seal, American flag, the Star of David and even a Teddy Bear. Engravings are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

The company charged with the engraving is Brick R’ US with its patent pending process of laser engraving called ‘Perma-Grav’ allowing a durable and clean engraving process giving a slick slice with a gleaming finish.

Retired MDC professor David Merves’ name adorns one of the 20 bricks outside the science complex and is honored with this tribute.  His wife Arlene, a librarian, who  also retired from North Campus, purchased the brick for his 53rd birthday.

“Now my former students can stomp all over me,” professor Merves joked.

In revitalizing the campaign Fernandez said she will focus on its benefits, helping fund less fortunate students with their education through the MDC foundation.

“You may be doing something for someone you don’t know, but what a better way to leave a legacy than to offer someone else an opportunity at education,” Fernandez said.

For an engraving or questions on creating a legacy contact Milagros Fernandez at or by phone (305)-237-1505.