The Crazy Toston Brings A New Twist To A Miami Favorite

Being a South Florida native, plantains are a vital addition to almost every meal. Whether they’re fried, boiled or double-fried then mashed, plantains can be seen as a Miami staple.

For the uninitiated, tostones are essentially twice-fried plantain slices. These treats make a great side-dish to any traditional Miami plate.

The Crazy Toston, located at 12039 S.W. 117th Ave., is a hidden plantain paradise in the Pine Lake Shopping Center. It’s sure to satisfy any Miamian.  

First opened in March of this year, this South Floridian delicacy is well-represented in this hotspot.  

Upon discovering the restaurant through its social media praise, customers can expect exactly what they see in photos. The design of each tostone is almost too full and nicely placed to directly dive into.

The “Megaton” consists of a choice of meat or veggies, with an ample amount of toppings, including coleslaw, avocado and various sauces.

The hearty entree is affordable, ranging from $7-9. With the large portions and inexpensive price, this is surely a perfect food spot for college students.

With several different plantain variations on the menu, there’s going to be a meal for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re in the mood for something savory, (The Pork Megaton)  or sweet ( The Banana Boat) there’s an option for every plantain lover.

The indoor seating itself is minimal, but when in the West Kendall area and looking for a quick lunch spot that isn’t fast food, The Crazy Toston hits the spot. It’s five minutes away from Kendall Campus making it a new meal option in between classes.

The Megaton alone could feed you and a friend, or just yourself if you have a big appetite. A side dish you should definitely consider, if you’re willing to treat yourself, is the sweet potato fries. This is guaranteed to make your experience at The Crazy Toston that much better. Being a sweet potato fanatic, their addition of garlic and cilantro aioli sauce with cotija cheese was exactly the perfect condiments to place on top of these fries.   

The Crazy Toston is already on Ubereats and arrives in under 30 minutes. This way you’ll never be without your tostones.   

Although it’s hard to see while driving down 117th Ave., those lucky enough to  spot this delightful fried haven are in for a treat.

Infusing the popular dish with toppings from several different cultures makes The Crazy Toston a South Florida treasure.