Connect Together At Roots Miami Kava & Eatery

When entering Roots Miami Kava & Eatery for the first time, your eyes may wander from one thing to another. Whether it’s the vast bar serving kava and kratom drinks, any one of the acts performing for that night’s events on stage or a group of friends gathered around a board game for a night of fun—no matter where you look, the atmosphere relaxes and entertains the community.

Located on 4400 NW 2nd Ave, and under new ownership, this nonalcoholic bar is serving up kava and kratom, drinks used as mood enhancers and relaxers, respectively, as well as vegan/vegetarian food. Some recommended bites and drinks are the Cheech and Chong, a half-tea and half-lemonade kratom beverage; the House Kava being the most popular; and the chicken salad and empanadas with a cilantro aioli finish.

“The culture is an open, creative and communal environment,” said David Bonilla, the chief operating officer of Roots Miami Kava & Eatery.

With the objective of “connecting people” this hip bar pulls out all the stops, offering a multitude of events every month. It focuses on arts and entertainment, specifically featuring community talent.

The venue spotlights music, art, cooking, dance and improv comedy. One of the standout moments, according to Bonilla, is when Duran Bernarr, a singer and songwriter who has collaborated and toured with Erykah Badu.

The first and third Friday of every month features the improv comedy segment “Laughs and Shenanigans Night” where comedians take the stage.

One of these comedians, Elaine Golden, has been performing there for about a year. She enjoys performing for the people

“[It’s for] people looking to go out but keep a relaxed environment,” Golden said. “It’s not only a creative space but it’s very welcoming of new individuals, if your passing through and want to stop by. Other places could not be as friendly.”

The culture at Roots Miami Kava & Eatery is essential for cultivating talent. It is described as welcoming, with other local artists working together to develop their material.

Bonilla aspires to make the spot the most popular place for vegan food.

“[I want a] connecting environment and to create a space where others are creating, which is the overall vision,” Bonilla said. “When people stop creating and enjoying the intimacy of the bar, the vision will be lost.”

This bar is more than ordering drinks and getting sloshed. It’s a promise that your night is to be filled with new experiences, whether that includes laughing until your head hurts, enjoying a new, favorite kava or kratom drink or even just a surrounding yourself in a new atmosphere.

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