College Launches MyMDC Mobile Application

Miami Dade College will soon be in the palm of your hands when the College launches a new mobile application on Nov. 29.

In partnership with MDC web services and the informational technology departments, the College will release the MyMDC app with 10 features including data such as alerts and notifications, financial aid, grades and class schedules, library information, financial aid awards, campus maps and building information.

“You’ll have a central place for most of the notifications the College has for you,” said Frederik Creugers, associate vice provost at MDC’s business solutions.

To access all features, students must download it through Google Play or the App Store, and log in with your student credentials. Once logged in, the application shows customized information like financial aid, any holds on the student’s account and checked out or overdue books from the library.

“It’s something we knew the students wanted, but we had to figure out the backends of the application first,” said Andrew Seaga, the College webmaster and one of the MyMDC developers.

The College hopes to expand use of the app to different audiences, such as faculty, staff and college visitors. Development of the product started in July of this year, but the process originally started four years ago. Plans were postponed due to the College’s switch from Odyssey to PeopleSoft.

One of the features the developers are excited about is the campus map feature, which shows  students where they are on campus.

“The campus maps have different pins and when you click on the pin, it has a photo of the building and a description of its respective services,” Seaga said.

Seaga said the team hopes to have new featuresthe first update is planned for late Februaryout every three months, which will depend on student feedback.  

“We want students to drive that; tell us what you would like to have and propose those features to us,” Seaga said.

Staff writer Corbin Bolies contributed  to this story.  

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