College Is Not For Everyone

Digital illustration by Alexander Ontiveros. College is not for everyone.

If you’re reading this, then the odds are that you are currently attending Miami Dade College, which means that you decided to gain higher education and later, a higher-paying occupation. Please keep in mind that my opinions are not the same as yours and your experiences may differ from mine.

College is a secular nation-state identity that contains its own set of rules and laws that students subject themselves to. The college experience is a time of self-growth and realization of what you expect from others and yourself, and is unique to everyone, which is great because it means it can suit the needs of every individual. Essentially, it is what you make it.

However, this does not mean that college is easy. For those who are academically inclined it may be a breeze, but for those who take more time to comprehend theories and mathematical equations, it may be more than that. Regardless, college will without a doubt change anyone who enters its walls. Personally, I am not the same person I was before I entered college this spring semester. Slowly, you start to evolve and mature, which is why I like college.

But not everyone does. To many, attending an institution of higher education is an option they avoid. College is not for everyone. Recently, I met up with an old friend of mine who dropped out of college after completing her fall semester. I did not know it at the time, but she told me that she was just unhappy, that her classes were not hard, just annoying. She told me that she felt a huge stress off her shoulders, and it was entirely reasonable to hear that dropping out felt right for her. At times I too have wondered whether college is worth the struggle and mental battles.

College does not equate success. The number of millionaires and people who have a decent standard of living without a college degree are a testament to that. It feels that at times, we all play a role in a giant gear profiting off broke college kids. That is an exaggeration, but the point still stands.

I firmly believe that many people who are not meant for college go because society dictates it to be the normative course of a young person’s life, which is a shame because college can brutally knock someone down if they are not prepared. It could be that high schools do not adequately educate young students on the expectations demanded by colleges.

College is a place where many people can flourish socially. It is a great way to redefine yourself and discover who you are. However, do not disregard the fact that this place may drag you deep into a downward spiral, which is why I do not recommend everyone to go in expecting the same results of someone else who had a fantastic experience.

Higher education is required to become a doctor but not a business owner. It is okay if you feel like dropping out at times or if you have to drop out, because the chances are—your life will continue. Most likely, you will find a path that provides you with a life that is not luxurious but decent. Moreover, that is what we are all striving for—a life where we are well off. Take college with a grain of salt. It is not that serious, but if you continue with it, then try your best. It will matter in the long run.

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