Beware Of The Fake Woke

Democracy is under attack.

College students are expected to become activists who are concerned with issues not only affecting their communities, but also affecting other countries. By being exposed to ideologies and opinions learned in college, Americans are expected to advance from other citizens who are passionate about political and socioeconomic issues. In a world void of prideful and egotistical learners, this would be a perfect world.

However, this is not the case. Among the college students becoming activists and housing discussions on social paradoxes choking American values and beliefs, we have created new hypocrites: the fake woke.

The fake woke are students who are well-intentioned, seasoned individuals within their respective communities. They research a banquet of issues that are palatable and affect them as students. They also love voicing their opinions on different topics.

When it comes to creating impactful change, these students tuck in their chairs at the dinner table. Suddenly, no one wants to eat.

Activism is more than sitting down and discussing the wrongs in your community and the way the system pushes you to fail. The woke person thinks of various solutions and implements an action to solve the problem.

The fake woke fuel political, socioeconomic and social discussion. They are in love with the notion of being engaged in their communities without moving a finger. Last year, as I volunteered to gather signatures to restore the rights of non-violent felons in Florida, many students agreed that this problem was geared towards marginalized communities. However, many refused to sign the petition because they felt that racial injustices would continue to exist even if this law was passed.

How will change ever be implemented if this new woke mentality is becoming common among college students?

This mentality is fake and I am tired of these students being angry at the injustices plaguing their communities while they don’t rally and fight against them. I am tired of not seeing college students at civic action workshops, marches and forums that discuss these issues in depths and focus on creating solutions.

I am tired of the fake woke trend.

I plea with you that this trend stops and that we try our best to preserve democratic practices. Activism is more than being woke; we must rise and implement change.

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