Art Gallery System Launches Three Exhibitions

Miami Dade College’s Art Gallery System launched three exhibitions on Oct. 8: Past is History – Future is Mystery, Patria o Libertad! The Rhetorics of Patriotism, along with Ways of Worldmaking: Notes on a Passion for Collecting.

According to its curator, Rafael López-Ramos, Past is History—Future is Mystery focuses on the balance between “good” and “evil” and how it relates to totalitarianism and religion. The exhibition features works from 11 artists, including Francis Acea, Pip Brant, Juan-Sí González and Antuan.

Patria o Libertad! The Rhetorics of Patriotism is a collection of multimedia presentations divided into four parts. The central theme is patriotism and how it is seen through the eyes of everyday people. It also discusses the symbolism reflected by objects, such as the flag, heroes and anthems.

Ways of Worldmaking: Notes on a Passion for Collecting is a collection of 85 pieces Arturo and Liza Mosquera picked from their collection of over 1,500 pieces at their Farside Gallery.

The exhibitions will be open to the public until Nov. 6 at the Freedom Tower located at 600 Biscayne Boulevard. The exhibits are free and open to the public.