Arcades Reboot In South Florida

The height of arcade popularity occurred during the ‘80s with the release of games such as Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man and Mario Bros., draining one of all their quarters.

Much like vinyls and polaroids have seen a resurgence, so too have arcades in South Florida. Whether at Arcade Odyssey or The Glitch Bar, one can play their favorite old-school games in retro-styled venues.

Arcade Odyssey is a small arcade that has been a popular place for gamers to unwind because of their wide range of games.

What Arcade Odyssey lacks in space, it makes up with character. Every inch of the arcade’s floor is packed with a wide array of gamesclassics such as Space Invaders, pinball machines and rare games such as The Act, which you could only find in one other location nationwide.

Odyssey also offers variety of Japanese snacks and drinks to complement their theme.

Pricing at Odyssey is simple three tokens go for a dollar, with three extra tokens once you hit $10 and nine extra tokens once it reaches $20.

Regular games cost one to two tokens to play and larger ones cost three to four tokens.

Arcade Odyssey has a strong sense of community, hosting fighting game tournaments every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday to give patrons an opportunity to come together and indulge in their competitive side.

The new wave of arcades continues at the Glitch Bar, a fairly new arcade bar that has been gaining a lot of traction, mainly due to their free-to-play games and selection of 112 craft beers on tap.

The Glitch Bar offers a large selection of ‘70s-’90s arcade games and some video game systems to play with a group, specifically the Nintendo 64 with titles like Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros.

They also hold a tournament for the game Killer Queen, which lasts roughly two months and where the winners are awarded prizes.

The Glitch Bar has record-breaking clientele, with people like Steve Kleisath, the world record holder for scoring the most points in the arcade game Mario Bros. and the number three player in the world for Ms. Pac-Man, who can be seen trying to break more records at the bar.

Despite their variety of options, the Glitch Bar remains a bar and therefore only open to patrons 21 years and older.

With their variety of options that cater to all crowds, both Arcade Odyssey and the Glitch Bar offer a taste of the past for modern game lovers.

Arcade Odyssey is located at 12045 SW 117 Avenue, Miami, FL 33186 and the Glitch Bar is located at 905 NE 5th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304.

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