Alison F. Smith Awarded Presidential Recognition Award

Alison F. Smith, a partner and lawyer at Weiss Serota Helfman Cole & Bierman, P.L. law firm, was recently awarded the Presidential Recognition Award for spearheading Aspire to Inspire, a speaker series program at North Campus.

Aspire to Inspire, currently in its fifth anniversary, is a mentorship program meant to inspire students to discover their passion and become productive individuals in society.

“We’re trying to expose students to something that is outside of the curriculum,” Smith said. “The speakers encourage them to be successful, continue on in school and overcome obstacles and challenges.”

She was given the award at the five year Aspire to Inspire anniversary dinner by North Campus President Malou C. Harrison on April 3.

Being the first recipient of the award, Smith paved the way for MDC service leaders to be recognized for their advocacy.

Smith, a member of the Florida Bar Association, received a bachelor’s degree in Pre-Law and master’s in Law—both from Nova Southeastern University.

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