After Accident, Professor Returns To Class

Photo of professor David Schroeder.

After four months of physical therapy and recovery from an accident that almost took his life, Kendall Campus English Professor David Schroeder has returned on “light duty.”

“In my mind I always wanted to be back,” Schroeder said. “I’m trying to get back through that transition.”

Schroeder will be advising students at the Writing Center and will be teaching a class during Summer B and Summer C.

“My career has been a commitment to teaching and service to my community,” Schroeder said. “…It’s your career which is a large part of your self-esteem.”

Schroeder was struck by a car driven by Vanessa Vela while crossing faculty parking lot 10 at Kendall Campus on Nov. 30, police reports said.

According to Miami-Dade police department reports, Vela, a college employee was driving an estimated 20 miles per hour while using her cell phone. Vela, 29, was making a left turn when she hit Schroeder, propelling him out of his wheelchair.

Schroeder sustained a fractured femur and incurred lacerations to his face and head, according to police reports.

According to Schroeder, he was taken to Kendall Regional Hospital’s Trauma Center and later moved to Healh South Rehabilitation hospital in Cutler Bay. He returned home on Jan. 12.

During the past four months, Schroeder has been undergoing physical therapy at Miami Physical Therapy Associates. Treatment for his hip and leg include heat and ice therapy, as well as exercising.

Schroeder stated the pain has subsided since the accident.

“At first the pain was the kind of pain where you can hurt yourself, “ Schroeder explained. “The pain now is like you have a black eye, but you still go to work, it doesn’t stop you.”

Upon his return to the College, Schroeder said he will focus on integrating technology into the classroom as well as experimenting with blended courses online and in the classroom.

“I just want my life back,” Schroeder said.

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