Advice To Ace Exams And Overcome Anxiety

Illustration by Jonathan Munoz.

Let’s face it, stress and anxiety are part of our lives. But there are certain times each semester when they are at an all-time high for a lot of students including myself, that is, midterm and final exam seasons.

Historically, I have never been big on studying for long periods of time because I either lose focus after a while or feel like I know enough to do well. Not the best strategy when it comes to test taking, so I do not recommend anybody follow my example and not prepare for tests properly.

With that said, one thing I do excel at during these times of testing is remaining confident and never letting anxiety get the better of me.

Tests are supposed to be a challenge.Worrying about how difficult it may or may not be is only going to make things harder on yourself. If you studied and you understand the material, then trust in your ability to do well. I guess this is the main reason I was never too keen on studying a whole lot. I always trusted myself to at least do well enough to pass.

Obviously, you should always look to do better instead of settling for above average. Therefore, try to find a healthy balance between studying when testing time is back and minimizing stress and anxiety.

You definitely should not study for hours on end. That serves to exhaust your mind and you are likely to forget most of what you covered because you were mentally exhausted halfway through that study session.

The most effective way to prepare for finals would be to study for a couple hours a day. Set those two hours to fit into your schedule leading up to your exam days so that you have time to prepare. Do not wait for the last minute to study. Speaking from experience, bad things happen every time you do this. Avoid it at all costs.

Mix up your studying pattern as well. Quiz yourself some days, make flash cards, meet up with friends in study groups, or just find online practice tests.

The more practice you get with the material you need to know, the more it becomes second nature to you and once it hits that point, you will excel at your test.

It might be time I take my own advice on studying because tests are challenging, and I do not want my anxiety to make it that much more difficult to focus on my next test.

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