Adele’s Album, 25, Breaks Records

When you think about pop singer Adele’s albums 19 and 21, you think of the heartbreaking relationships she mourns about.

After four years off, Adele comes back hitting the records and hearts harder than ever with her latest album, 25. The record was officially released on Nov. 20.

The album sold 3.38 million copies in the U.S. in its first week, according to Nielsen Music, making it the first album that has sold that many copies on its debut week.

25 isn’t like the rest of her albums; it’s a make-up record.

Adele released her first song, “Hello”, to warm the hearts of her listeners, reminding them of her last album, 21. The song projects a feeling of missing an old lover. “Hello from the other side,” is repeated throughout the song, reminding the listeners that this old lover has moved on to another point in their life.

25 is about getting to know who I’ve become without realizing and I’m sorry it took so long, but you know, life happened,” are the last few words Adele says in a message on her webpage.

Continuing her album, Adele adds her next upbeat song “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” which is a collaboration with Max Martin. The song’s lyrics seem to be sending a strong message to an inconsiderate ex.

“Send my love to your new lover/ Treat her better/ We’ve gotta let go of all our ghosts/ We both know we ain’t kids no more,” the chorus adds with a sassy tone.

“I Miss You” is a slow jam collaboration with Paul Epworth where Adele sings about missing an ex-lover. After she performed “When We Were Young” on Saturday Night Live on Nov. 21 to promote her long-awaited new album, the singer claimed this tune to be one of her favorites.  

A close second should be “All I Ask”, a piano ballad co-written with Bruno Mars. The song touches upon lovers who went separate ways.

The song touched upon the lost memories with lines like “that we might be exactly like we were/ Before we realized/ We were sad of getting old/ It made us restless.”

“Sweet Devotion” isn’t like her other heartbreak and insecurity songs. shares that the beginning and ending of the song feaures her son, Angelo’s voice.  

“The song is all about my kid. The way I’ve described it is that something much bigger has happened in my life. I love that my life is now about someone else,” Adele said in an interview with USA Today.

Throughout the 11 songs on her new album, Adele continues to touch the soul of  people who are going through heartbreak or simply realizing that they are getting older. It is unequivocal that many people continue to relate to Adele and get a connection with the artist.

Whether you are feeling 19 or maybe 21, Adele has shown us that 25 is about realizing who you are.

Daniela Molina

Daniela Molina is a mass communications/journalism major at North Campus. She will serve as interim Editor-In-Chief for The Reporter during the 2016 summer semester. Molina, 21, graduated from Hialeah Senior High School in June of 2014 where she served as the Editor-In-Chief of The Record— the school’s student newspaper— and the yearbook, Hiways. She aspires to work in the radio industry.