2016 – 2017 Student Government Association Officers

Information gathered by Taylor Daley / The Reporter


Hialeah Campus

Advisor: Kimberly Tupy
Advisor email: ktupy@mdc.edu
SGA Office: (305) 237-8871
Room: 2102

Headshot of Liliana Valdes

SGA President: Liliana Valdes
Email: liliana.valdes001@mymdc.net

Headshot of Monica Jesurum.

SGA Vice President: Monica Jesurum
Email: monica.jesuruma001@mymdc.net


Homestead Campus

Advisor: Nicole Bryant
Advisor email: nbryant@mdc.edu
SGA Office: (305) 237-5065
Room: A-211

Headshot of Alexander Soto.

SGA President: Alexander Soto
Email: alexander.soto008@mymdc.net

Headshot of Roxana Guevara.

SGA Vice President: Roxana Guevara
Email: roxana.guevara001@mymdc.net


InterAmerican Campus

Advisor: Patricia Tejeda
Advisor email: ptejeda@mdc.edu
SGA Office: (305) 237-6163
Room: 1106

Headshot of Ambar Miniel.

SGA President: Ambar Miniel
Email: ambar.miniel001@mymdc.net

Headshot of Carlos Michel Alvirez.

SGA Vice President: Carlos Michel-Alvirez
Email: carlos.michel001@mymdc.net


Kendall Campus

Advisor: Lauren Adamo
Advisor email: ladamo@mdc.edu
SGA Office: (305) 237-2722
Room: 130

Headshot of Samantha Lopez.

SGA President: Samantha Lopez
Email: samantha.lopez012@mymdc.net

Headshot of Maria Celeste Mestre.

SGA Vice President: Maria Celeste Mestre
Email: maria.mestre003@mymdc.net


Medical Campus

Advisor: Laura Clersaint
Advisor email: lclera1@mdc.edu
SGA Office: (305) 237-4209
Room: 1171-06

Headshot of Michael Contti.

SGA President: Michael Contti
Email: michael.contti001@mymdc.net

Headshot of Peddiedra V. Baillou.

SGA Vice President: Peddiedra V. Baillou
Email: peddiedra.baillou001@mymdc.net


North Campus

Advisor: Jessica Catambay
Advisor email: jcatamba@mdc.edu
SGA Office: (305) 237-1250
Room: 4212

Headshot of Alexander Delgardo.

SGA President: Alexander Delgado
Email: alexander.delgado011@mymdc.net

Headshot of Judith Maravi.

SGA Vice President: Judith Maravi
Email: judith.maravi001@mymdc.net


West Campus

Advisor: Shamona Mcfadden
Advisor email: smcfadde@mdc.edu
SGA Office: (305) 237-8904
Room: 1122-01

Headshot of Paola Quintero-Cota.

SGA President: Paola Quintero-Cota
Email: paolo.cota001@mymdc.net

Headshot of Camille Mota.

SGA Vice President: Camille Mota
Email: camille.mota001@mymdc.net


Wolfson Campus

Advisor: Anniely Sosa Diaz
Advisor email: asosadia@mdc.edu
SGA Office: (305) 237-3536
Room: 2122

Headshot of Shalom Gutierrez.

SGA President: Shaloma Gutierrez
Email: shaloma.gutierrez001@mymdc.net

Headshot of Enrique Sepulveda.

SGA Vice President: Enrique Sepulveda
Email: enrique.sepulveda001@mymdc.net

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