13 Reasons Why Addresses Anti-Bullying And Teen Suicide Issues

13 Reasons Why is Netflix’s new original series that is based on Jay Asher’s young adult novel of the same name.

The show revolves around Hannah Baker’s (played by Katherine Langford) suicide. Weeks after her tragic death, Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) discovers a mysterious box on his front porch. Inside there are 13 cassette tapes, each tape explains a different reason as to why Hannah took her life.

13 Reasons Why beautifully captures a tragedy that is still a major problem today. Teen suicide is a problem the world has faced for a long time, and many people feel it’s difficult to discuss. This show touches on a very sensitive subject that many people should no longer avoid.

Not only does the show open a door to discuss teen suicide, but the show also shares a positive message on the subject: there is always a way to prevent a suicide.

Hannah felt that no matter how loud she screamed, no one was there to help her. Simply listening can save someone’s life, and that is a great message that can be taken from watching the show.

In addition to the subject of suicide, the series also touches on the subject of bullying. Throughout the series, Hannah faces a number of types of bullying that cause her to feel like an outsider with her fellow peers. She mentions how she felt as though she couldn’t talk to anyone about her problems. That is another important message that can be taken from the series.

In comparison to the novel, the series seems to put a little more depth within each character, rather than making them a stereotypical high school cliché. Within the novel, the jocks were just plain old typical jocks and were portrayed as the evil popular kids rather than just people.

Everyone has problems, and the series really captures all types of situations that anyone can face.  

Each character has a connection to a real-world problem many teens face today. Problems like high expectation from their parents, family abuse and even the acceptance of popularity.

The cast portrays each of the characters beautifully. It makes the viewers feel like they aren’t alone.

There are more and more problems that arise as the series continues; problems such as rape, abuse and denial. 13 Reasons Why isn’t a show meant to make the audience laugh or jump out of their seats. The show revolves around a tragedy, and the tragedy is sure to make anyone cry.