1-800-Lucky Brings The Flavor Of Asia To Wynwood

Restaurant sign.
Marketplace Madness: Combining the elements of a mall, a food court and a club, 1-800-Lucky is a unique take on Asian Cuisine in Miami.

It is admirable to see an establishment branch out and try different things when people are trying hard to do one thing and one thing only. Located at 143 N.W. 23rd St., 1-800-Lucky goes above and beyond in the pursuit of just that.

The owners of the highly successful Mexican restaurant Coyo Taco bring you 1-800-Lucky. The establishment blends seven unique concepts from around the world.

When you first enter the main room, patrons encounter Lucky Records—a shop stocked to the brim with vinyls and a grocer-style inventory of nightlife essentials that will leave you prepared for a night out in Wynwood.

Once you pass the shop, you are met with the inviting heat and aroma of the dining hall ahead. The blood-pumping beat and lights of the club patio are just steps away.

The first vendor you encounter is New York City’s Lotus+Cleaver. Decorated with hanging ducks, the eatery cooks up high-quality Chinese barbeque and wok classics such as savory yet tart Peking duck, thick-cut ho fun noodles with smoked pork belly and poached egg and crispy sesame crusted sweet and sour chicken.

As customers move along the space they run into Hayato Miami, a concept designed by the minds of Japan’s own Shimuja. The highlight of the restaurant’s menu is tonkostsu. A steaming bowl of noodles, mushrooms, scallions and fatty pork come together in a broth that will have you slurping and making a mess of things.

Next up is Yip. A concept from Gold Marquis Fine Chinese Cuisine in Pembroke Pines, the vendor is best known for its steaming dim sum. However, the star treatment belongs to the delightfully gelatinous and tangy cha siu bao buns.

Probably the least popular of the vendors (not due to its own culinary faults) is Les Banh Amis. Closing much earlier than its counterparts, the Vietnamese deli offers an array of sandwiches. From caramel glazed short ribs to Spanish sardines, the deli was created by Coyo Taco’s own, Scott Linquist.

In the center island, two eateries work on parallel sides of the structure. Brooklyn-born sushi shop Myumi and California native POKE OG. The latter specializes in Hawaiian raw tuna bowls.

Moving past two masterclass bars housing an intriguing drink called a frozen beer, toward the exit of the establishment, is Taiyaki NYC. Being instagram famous for its iconic fish-shaped ice cream cones, the New York City’s Chinatown based shop serves up soft serve ice cream with toppings varying from red bean sauce to cotton candy sprinkles.

Serving as a weekly spot for DJs, the patio and music venue space outside is covered in scene-setting globe string lights and moving LEDs. There is extremely comfortable seating throughout (although you won’t ever feel the need to sit down).

Mixing contemporary-styled furnishing, neon signs galore and Asian elements throughout, 1-800-Lucky captures the soul of an Asian market and has created a true gem in a Wynwood area, hosting both Miami’s culinary and entertainment renaissance—a symphony of gastronomical and entertainment delights.

1-800-Lucky is open Mon-Sun: Noon to 3 a.m. Food ranges in price from $5-$30.